DSC02215 Razer Imperator Review

The top shell and the scroll wheel are coated with a layer of rubber for palm grip, while the sides are of glossy plastic, and specially contoured for ergonomics in mind. There are 7 independently programmable Hyperesponse™ buttons, inclusive of 2 side buttons and the middle button on the scroll wheel.

The 2 buttons beneath the scroll wheel are defined by default for on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments.

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Razer had the cable itself sleeved to improve durability, such as instances where the cable rubs against the edge of the table. They also made the USB plug header gold plated for optimal electrical conductivity.


DSC02233 Razer Imperator Review

Inspecting the underneath of the mouse reveals the laser engine, 3 large Teflon feets to provide frictionless and quiet movement.

The mouse also has a profile switch so that the user can easily switch various mouse profiles on the fly.

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One new feature for the Imperator is the adjustable side buttons, which can be done via the slider underneath the mouse.

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