DSC02238 Razer Imperator Review

On first gripping the mouse, the wide body and the arc design feels comfortable enough for big palms, though one flaw is that the mouse is designed on for the right-handed gamers. The rubber coating does make it grippy, but on personal experience, under prolong exposure in humid environment or sweat, the rubber coating might feel sticky which can be a problem to some, proper cleaning once a while may help prolong the coating.

DSC02240 Razer Imperator Review

DSC02249 Razer Imperator Review

Comparing the Imperator to the gaming mouse I am currently using, the Copperhead, the Imperator is relatively shorter compared to the Copperhead.


DSC02286 Razer Imperator Review

Powering up the Imperator reveals glowing blue light from the scroll wheel and the Razer logo on the body.

DSC02288 Razer Imperator Review


DSC02284 Razer Imperator Review