Razer, manufacturer of gaming mice, keyboards and other related accessories, has released a series of Transformer 3-themed peripherals. Razer has lined up a gaming mouse, mousepad and laptop sleeve case to help you in your frag adventures just in case you haven't had enough 3D explosions at the latest Transformers movie.

In their latest movie tie-up, Razer has introduced a series of Transformer 3 themed periperals which includes the Death Adder mouse, Vespula mousepad and a collector's edition Laptop Sleeve Case. The mouse and laptop case are available in four vibrant colors. Red and yellow represent the good Transformers a.k.a. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. If you prefer the evil side, silver and purple represent Megatron and Shockwave respectively.

The Transformer 3 themed Vespula mousepad is dual-sided, letting you choose between the SPEED surface for increased slide or CONTROL surface for increased precision. The Collector's Edition Laptop Sleeve Case features a hard yet flexible plastic shell for protection and shock absorption.

The Transformer 3 themed Death Adder mouse, Vespula mousepad and Laptop Sleeve Case will retail at US$70, US$45 and US$50 respectively.

Visit the Razer Website for more information.