Ever since Apple announced that iOS 7 will bring support for external gaming controllers, a lot of companies have started working on their products. Razer appears to have one up its sleeve as well.


Two iOS 7 compatible gaming controllers for the iPhone have already been unveiled, MOGA’s Ace Power and Logitech’s PowerShell. The controllers essentially offer the same functionality, physical buttons that should enhance the gaming experience for those who just don’t prefer gaming through the virtual on-screen buttons. Furthermore, these controller cases also come with an additional battery pack, which enhances the battery life of the device during continuous gameplay.

While Razer hasn’t officially said anything about its plans to release a controller for the iPhone, a picture has been leaked online by infamous Twitter leaker @evleaks. No other information has been provided about the Razer Kazuyo, so its not known right now what it will cost, when it will be available and exactly how big a battery pack it has inside of it. There’s a pause button, four action buttons as well as a four-way controller pad. Apart from an elongated design reminiscent of the Logitech PowerShell, the Kazuyo also appears to have two shoulder buttons. It also has a tilting hinge, something that its rivals do not have.

Its too soon to say right now when the Razer Kazuyo iPhone gaming controller is officially going to be announced, though given the fact that leaks have already started coming in, one can expect an announcement in the near future.

Source: @evleaks


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