Getting touchy

The backlighting is bright enough to be seen with the lights on.

WASD mode.

On the bottom right hand corner of the touch panel, you’ll find the symbol for a light bulb. What it does is to switch the keyboard through the various backlighting modes. Touching it in sequence causes the backlight to turn off, light up only the WASD keys and fully light up all the keys. Lighting up only the WASD keys is useful for FPS gamers who play in the dark and don’t need to light up the other keys. Whereas typists use the raised bumps on the F and J keys to align their index fingers (now you know what the bumps are for!), WASD is used to align the left hand in First Person Shooter games. If you’re playing a Real Time Strategy game, simply touch the bulb logo once more and all the keys will be lit for you to see your hotkeys.

The last "button"


So..  Where’s the last button? It’s right there in the middle. The Razer logo on the keyboard is used to activate the gaming mode on the keyboard. What’s that? By simply simultaneously depressing the Windows key and the Razer logo on the touch panel, you can switch the Windows keys off so that they won’t be accidentally activated whilst you’re playing. Repeat it to return the functions to normal. If you have ever removed the Windows key from your keyboard because you kept hitting it in-game, you would be glad to see this feature.