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Razer Mouse Bungee Helps Manage Your Mouse Cord


Razer has launched their new Mouse Bungee accessory which comes with a new design to help manage the gaming mouse cord from dragging against surfaces or tangling, offering gamers the optimum gaming experience. The Razer Mouse Bungee is schedule to ship around end of July.

Back in '96, when Quake and rocket jumping were synonymous with skilled gaming, there was another product that helped gamers keep their competitive spirits revved and their mouse swiping optimal – the Mouse Bungee. And now 15 years on, Razer has taken this well-loved old-school accessory and given it a modern makeover to keep up with the next generation of professional gamers.

Outfitted with a stable, taut arm, the Razer Mouse Bungee threads your mouse cord through to keep it from dragging against surfaces or tangling. This ensures your gaming experience isn't messed up by unnecessary cord hindrance. Anti-slip feet and a weight installed in the Razer Mouse Bungee?s base ensure it remains immobile no matter how aggressive your swipes. Razer's updated sleek design and pitch black finish makes it an essential space-saver and aesthetic addition to your gaming setup.

Price: US$19.99 / EU€19.99
Availability: Razerzone.com – Pre-order Now
Shipping 28 July, Worldwide – July 2011

Product features:
–  Anti-slip feet
–  Rust-resistant taut spring arm to allow cable flex
–  Head grip for mouse cord management
–  Weighted base for stability
–  Space-saving structure

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