At this year Tokyo Game Show, peripheral maker Razer has announced co-development program with the arcade stick community to come up with the ultimate arcade stick for the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console. Beta testing of the prototype will commence soon.

Razer has announced a program to co-develop the ultimate arcade stick for the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console together with the arcade stick community. The arcade stick, developed with pro-gamer feedback, is currently at the prototype stage. Up to 200+ specially selected top-seed Street Fighter IV pro-gamers, influential modders, and members of the arcade enthusiast community will each be given a Razer arcade stick to test and provide feedback to further improve it to perfection, whereupon the final design will then proceed to production. 

Members of the arcade community worldwide interested in participating in this beta program are encouraged to contribute ideas at www.razerzone.com/bredtofight, along with a short description as to why they should be selected for prototype testing. Registrants can also nominate other people to the program. Up to 200+ successful applicants worldwide will receive an arcade stick prototype delivered directly to their homes.

Razer will be launching this non-retail arcade stick closed beta community program at Tokyo Game Show. Select pro-gamers and key modders will also be approached to begin beta testing the prototype.

For more information on the arcade stick or the community program, please visit www.razerzone.com/bredtofight


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