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Reclaim your childhood by building a giant LEGO NES controller

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to abandon all facets of your childhood, and LEGO blocks are perfect for telling your friends that age is just a number.

New York’s Baron von Brunk (Julias A. Brunk), a graphic designer and LEGO enthusiast, recently completed a giant NES controller that is functionally almost like the original NES gamepad we grew up with.  The huge gamepad was built using thousands of LEGO pieces, but even von Brunk himself doesn’t know how many pieces exactly went into making the controller.

Underneath the myriad of LEGO pieces are several NES controller circuit boards that von Brunk wired and soldered together to make the huge LEGO buttons work.  When the last LEGO pieces were finally put in place, von Brunk took his gigantic controller out for a test drive by connecting it to his laptop via a USB cable and then playing NES ROMs on an emulator.

Unless you’re a very large human being with extremely long arms, it’s completely understandable that some games will work well with the giant controller and others, not so much.  Fast paced games (i.e. Contra) that require fast maneuvering using the AB and directional triggers will naturally suffer in playability, but games like Tetris and Dr. Mario will be just fine.

As for the controller’s use beyond a few NES games here and there, it seems like the LEGO-based NES gamepad will be sold and then put up for display somewhere—be it someone’s house or a toy museum.  For those that want to give this NES LEGO controller project a shot, von Brunk has posted a rough guide as a reference material.

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