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Redbox Instant iPhone app now supports AirPlay streaming

The Netflix competitor Redbox Instant app for iPhone has received a new update which brings support for AirPlay streaming.


Redbox launched the Redbox Instant service with Verizon as a bona fide competitor for the infamous Netflix video streaming service earlier this year. Through the app, users can browse movie titles and instantly watch them if they want to. Users also have the option to reserve newest releases at their local Redbox. Movies purchased on the web can be downloaded through the app for offline viewing as well. However to use the app, a subscription to Redbox Instant by Verizon is required.

AirPlay streaming is definitely a much awaited feature, customers can finally stream movies through Redbox Instant on their iPhone to the TV with which an Apple TV set-top box is hooked up. Though there are some caveats that should be kept in mind. AirPlay support is only present for streaming video, not titles that have been downloaded to the device. Furthermore, the app stops streaming if a text or a notification turns in, so if you’re going to use Redbox Instant on iPhone to stream a movie, its best that you ensure no texts or notifications pop up during the viewing session or they’ll only ruin the session for you.

The app update also brings a few bug fixes and improvements to the recommendation engine, which is now much more capable of understanding the user’s viewing habits and recommending titles based on them. Redbox Instant for iPhone is available as a free download from the App Store.

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