Google is planning to redesign its iconic Mountain View GooglePlex, and Vanity Fair just released a preview of a design rendering.

Seattle-based NBBJ designed the new 1.1 million square foot "Bayview" campus. Externally, it doesn't look hugely different from its present campus, but the ergonomic considerations that have gone into it are phenomenal. For example, no employee is more than 2.5 minutes from another employee, which is an extraordinary feat considering the huge size of the company. All features are geared towards enabling a casual conversational environment geared for innovation and discussion.

As of now, Bayview is meant to augment the Mountain View campus to keep pace with the rapid growth of the company. However, it will be interesting to see what Google will actually come up with once everything is final.  Apple, Google’s rival in Cupertino, will also build an awe-inspiring campus with a spaceship-like design, so the rivalry involves not only technological innovations but also who will have the best looking house on the block.