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Report: AMD FX-Series Lineup Revealed

Xbitlabs have revealed a tentative lineup of four incoming Bulldozer chips, to be branded AMD FX-Series. The top-of-the-line flagship will be AMD FX-8130P, featuring 4-module, 8-core, 2MB L2 cache per module (total 8MB), 8MB shared L3 cache, and a TDP of 125W. The launch clock speed is estimated to be as high as 3.50 GHz. Following the 8130P is the FX-8110, which is presumably a lower clocked version of the FX-8130P. Interestingly, it features a reasonable TDP of 95W. 

FX-6110 will be a six-core, three-module CPU. Finally, the Bulldozer line-up will be rounded off by the FX-4110, a quad-core CPU. The six-core CPU is likely to be harvested from the 8-core Orochi die. However, whether the quad-core CPU is a heavily crippled 8-core or a native quad-core is unclear. If it is a 8-core with 4 cores locked, it could end up being the unlocker's delight the Phenom II X2 series was. 

All FX-Series CPUs fit into the AM3+ socket, feature an unlocked multipler (Black Edition) and Turbo Core 2, and are fabricated at Globalfoundries' 32nm SOI process. AMD's 900 series chipsets are due to launch in Q2 2011, although motherboard manufacturers are starting to release 800 series boards featuring AM3+ support. 

While the above four CPUs are due in June, AMD will introduce a refresh in Q4, possible minor speed bumps across the platform. 

Source: Xbitlabs

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