DonanimHaber has posted some details about the GPU component of AMD's upcoming APU – Llano, to be branded AMD A-Series. The top part, AMD A8-3550 features a quad core CPU and a Radeon HD 6550 GPU with a TDP of 100W. The GPU features 400 SP with a clock speed of 594 MHz. 

AMD will also market a Hybrid Crossfire like feature, where the Llano APU can be crossfired with a Turks GPU – HD 6570 or HD 6670 – to form a combined solution branded Radeon HD 6690. 
Llano offers a very different approach to Sandy Bridge. A sizeable portion of the Llano die is dedicated to the GPU. Its 400 SP will offer vastly superior GPU performance even compared to Intel's top HD 3000 12 EU graphics. However, Sandy Bridge is expected to lead in CPU benchmarks. For gaming, there's no doubt Llano is set to offer an excellent value proposition. 
Llano has been shipping to OEMs for over a month now, and we can expect AMD A-Series based notebooks/desktops hitting shelves within a month's time. 
Source: DonanimHaber