Purported final specifications for AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 7700 series have leaked online. Based on Cape Verde, these will be the cheapest 28nm GCN chips in the HD 7000 family, competing in the mainstream market.

The Cape Verde chip features 1.5 billion 28nm transistors, with a die sized at a tiny ~130mm2. Cape Verde will be the cheapest of GCN chips in the Southern Islands family, with 10 CU. This equates to 640 SP and 40 TMU. Cape Verde features 16 ROP and a 128-bit memory interface. However, thanks to increased efficiency with GCN and an immense 1 GHz clock, the HD 7770 manages to come close to VLIW-5 based HD 6850 in leaked benchmarks, while being clearly faster than the likes of HD 6790 or GTX 550 Ti. HD 7770 consumes a meagre 80W, well below HD 6850 or even HD 5770/6770.

HD 7750 features 8 active CUs or 512 SP.  Core clocks are down to 800 MHz for a theoretical SP throughput of 819 Gflops – only 65% of HD 7770. However, the memory clocks are retained at 4.5 GHz and both HD 7750 and HD 7770 feature 1GB GDDR5 with a memory bandwidth of 72 GB/s. HD 7750 should offer HD 6770 / GTX 550 Ti level of performance but will do so only consuming 55W – which will surely make it the fastest GPU not requiring a PCI-e power connector.

Both HD 7770 and HD 7750 are expected to be reasonably priced – at 115/$129 and 90-100/$99-$110 respetively. If these prices are held in retail and AMD can maintain supply, the HD 7700 is sure to become a popular option for gamers on a budget.

Source: 3D Center