According to a report from Xbitlabs' sources, AMD has finalized shipping dates for both Bulldozer and Llano. As expected, Bulldozer will be branded FX-Series, while Llano will receive the A-Series moniker. FX-Series CPUs are set to ship in the week starting June 20th, with A-series APUs following shortly after in the week of July 4th. 

The FX-series will consist of CPUs based on AMD's much awaited next-gen Bulldozer architectures. There will be four FX8000 eight-core CPUs, two FX6000 six-core CPUs and two quad-core FX4000 CPUs. While AMD has been remained in the shadow of Intel in terms of raw performance, the flagship FX8000 series will give AMD a fighting chance against Intel's Core i7 990X. Of course, Intel's true competitor to the AMD FX8000 CPUs will only release in Q4 2011 in the form of Sandy Bridge E. Meanwhile, FX6000 and FX4000 will likely fight off LGA1155 Sandy Bridge CPUs. 

There will be no less than 11 A-Series Llano APUs released, in quad-core and dual-core varieties. Since the A-Series includes a full blown GPU, we can expect variations in the GPUs as well. While the A-Series is unlikely to match Sandy Bridge in pure CPU performance, it could be a potent solution for gaming / multi-tasking workloads. 

The final release dates remains to be seen, though should take place shortly after the shipping dates. AMD's official word has been "Q2 2011" for FX-Series and "Summer" for A-Series. 

Source: Xbitlabs


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