Back in December, DonanimHaber revealed the codenames of AMD's next-gen mobile GPUs – Wimbledon, Heathrow, Chelsea and Thames. Three months on, DonanimHaber has posted AMD's 28nm mobile GPU roadmap. Much of the details from Decemeber still apply, with some additional information. The first GPUs, Heathrow, Chelsea and Thames are set to be produced starting Q4 2011, with a release expected in November 2011. The flagship, Wimbledon, will release a few months later, in Q2 2012. 

Thanks to the emergence of the APU, the 28nm product lineup sees a significant redefinition of the categories. The "Value" segment will be completely absent, presumably taken over by the GPU part of APUs, with legacy/refresh products satisfying the exceptional cases. Instead, the first GPU will be a mainstream/performance GPU, Thames, with 128-bit memory bus and twice the performance as Seymour, i.e. Radeon HD 6400M. The thermal envelope will be 15W-25W, which is a fair bit higher than the 10W associated previous entry level mobile GPUs. 

The division between the mainstream and performance GPUs will be blurred, with TDPs and perhaps performance being very close between Thames and Chelsea. The Enthusiast segment is where the future of discrete GPUs lie. First up, will be Heathrow, sporting a 128-bit or 192-bit memory bus, with TDP of above 35W. The flagship, Wimbledon, will release in Q2 2012, featuring a 256-bit bus. DonanimHaber also suggests an MXM solution and a blistering 65W TDP. 

Presumed to be the Radeon HD 7000M series, the some 28nm mobile GPUs might end up with TSMC, while others may be fabricated at Globalfoundries. Certainly, neither NVIDIA nor AMD were pleased with TSMC's 32nm cancelation and 28nm delays, and a second option will be worth developing. 

There's still a long way off to the first 28nm releases – due in 6 months' time. Between now and then, a lot could change. 

Source: DonanimHaber