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Report: Gigabyte X79 Plug-Fest OC Event @ KL, Malaysia

Pre-tested Sandy Bridge-E CPUs for the overclockers (do you see the one marked 54?)

Distribution of the ammunition to the overclockers


VRForums regulars Shrek and spyboy48 inspecting their loot


A whopping 180 litres of liquid nitrogen was procured for the event


This overclocker from Philippines can hardly contain his excitement of holding the excellent Corsair SSD and memory sticks in his hands


Overclocking is serious business – as shown on their faces of the representatives from Thailand. They appear to be using a 240mm dual bay water cooling setup


The RAMs used during the overclocking session is the latest GTX8 modules from Corsair and they are rated at DDR3-2400MHz CL10-12-10-30


Shrek and spyboy48 preparing their X79-UD7 for some LN2 action!


This team from Indonesia were the first to get their setup up and running


An overclocker with a heat gun – sadly the latest Sandy Bridge-E still suffers from the dreaded "cold bug" and temperatures must be kept at around -70 degree celcius for the best frequencies.


One of the successful overclocks under LN2 (5.3GHz) on a engineering sample C-0 stepping i7-3960X.

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