A purported Target employee claims that some stores are offering deals on repackaged PlayStation 4 consoles.


Do you happen to need a PlayStation 4 and live close to a Target store? Well you might be in luck, as it appears that certain stores are offering attractive discounts on repackaged PS4 consoles. How attractive, you may ask? Well, how does $280 sound for a PS4?

According to a Reddit user and supposed store employee That1oneguy, Target is selling used/repackaged PS4’s at a discount of more than $200. The Reddit thread has seen interest from more than a few gamers, and it seems that just about everyone wants a PS4 at this price.

The user goes on to explain exactly what constitutes a “repackaged” PS4, saying that the consoles in question aren’t refurbished by the manufacturers, but they are tested to ensure they’re not broken:

“It’s not refurbished per say. The only reason we do it at my store is if it’s less than a week old since the guest bought it and it works we put it on the shelves and count it as repackage or if the box got banged up in the truck we reduce the price and count it as repackage.”

That1oneguy also tells users how they can spot a discounted PS4–all you have to do is spot a little red label placed somewhere on the console’s box. Given that the PS4’s are kept in a locked glass cabinet, you’ll need to ask an employee to take it out for inspection.


The Reddit user further mentions that guests can just ask Target employees if a repackaged PS4 is available for purchase, but the odds are steep against your favor. The chance is still there, though, and picking up a working PS4 for $280 is still a great deal; plus if you’re worried about the system clonking out on you in a month or two, just pick up a two-year return plan as well.

If user comments can be believed, however, it seems that a lot of Target stores don’t offer repackaged deals on items of this nature.

However most targets don’t repackage apparently according to people on this thread. My store does it’s happened twice.

While it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to snag a PS4 for $280, it’s certainly worth a shot the next time you make a trip to the store. Or you could be that guy that calls and shows up every day in hopes of spotting a repackaged console.

Furthermore the PS4’s may not be the only thing that gamers will be able to find as repackaged items–perhaps Xbox Ones, 3DS’, Wii Us, or even HDTVs can be spotted for bargain prices as well. If anything, the Reddit thread has informed consumers on the possibilities, and now most of us will no-doubt keep an eye out for those little red stickers.

Via Reddit, DualShockers