A team of researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a new method for repairing damaged peripheral nerves.  The project, if proven successful in human, may one day play a role in treating diseases such as Parkinson’s and paralysis due to injuries.

In developing their nerve repair method, the researchers came up with a way of ‘reconnecting’ damaged nerves by using a type of biodegradable tube and gel to promote the growth of nerve fibers. 

Within the gel are three key components which are reportedly the main factors for the regenerative nerve cell therapy.  These include: anti-oxidants for anti-inflammation, synthetic laminin peptides which act like primers for the nerve fibers to grow on, and lastly hyaluronic acid as a buffer to prevent drying during the therapeutic stages.

According to the group of researchers, the new nerve therapy method has already been tested in animals, with possible clinical applications within a few years.

Source: Tel Aviv University via Medical Xpress