Universal Studios Orlando will bring Capcom’s terrifying frachise to life this Halloween season.


Remember those nights you stayed up playing the classic Resident Evil games on the Playstation, wandering through Raccoon City with the constant threat of zombies lurking around every corner? Well, the nightmare is now going to become a reality.

Universal Orlando is working on an attraction that will allow attendees to experience the horrors of Raccon City firsthand by making their way through themed mazes. As if the creepy environments weren’t enough, it seems that there will be zombies coming after you as well. Even Nemesis himself will be making an appearance!

Capcom released images of the sets showing off some impressive detail in these environments.



This isn’t the first time Resident Evil has got the theme park treatment. Universal Japan was the first to get a Resident Evil themed attraction earlier this year. The Japanese version had the added feature of plastic guns which allowed the maze-goers to fight back against the undead. According to current plans though, the guns won’t make it over to Universal Orlando.

If you’re hankering for a trip back to Raccoon City, the mazes will be open to public from the 20th of September to the 2nd of November. Just be sure to keep an extra pair of underwear handy for your visit.

Source : Kotaku