The Asus MATRIX 5870 PLATINUM measures approximately 10.5″ long and takes up two expansion slots thanks to its axial blower heatsink.

Video output is available via DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI connectors on the Input/Output (I/O) bracket.

The “Safe Mode” button on the Asus MATRIX 5870 PLATINUM, in conjunction with the Asus iTracker 2 software, allows users to return the graphics accelerator to default clockspeeds when overclocking fails. Other overclocking-friendly features include the “Probelt” voltage measurement points on the rear end of the graphics accelerator.

Low inductance power bypass capacitors (seen on other ROG products) can be seen on the Asus MATRIX 5870 PLATINUM as well.

With extra memory, clockspeeds and voltages, the Asus MATRIX 5870 PLATINUM can draw significantly more power than its peers. Hence, you see that the MATRIX 5870 PLATINUM is powered off two 8-pin PCIe power connectors instead of the regular two 6-pin ones.

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