An online retailer will put up the Google Glass as a rental good at the end of April, and unless it’s just another April’s fool joke, the news may hold some significance for those that can’t wait to empty the bank for one of Google’s latest creation.

The reported rate for renting one of Google’s trendy Glasses is $499 a month, which is slightly higher than the average car payment but lower than a house payment.  If $499 is a turn off, then perhaps the weekly or biweekly rate may ensnare your interest.  You can walk around like you’re somebody for week by dropping $150 to rent Glass, or increase your self-esteem even more by dishing out $290 to rent Glass for two weeks. 

Surely, this has to be an April’s fool joke, but if the Glass’ rental rate is actually that high, imagine how much it would cost to own one.  By the way, if you're seriously thinking about renting Glass, make sure you get the insurance too in case it drops from forehead level and shatters on impact.

Source via phandroid