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Retina iPad Mini display going into production in coming months

An analyst from DisplaySearch told CNET on Monday that Retina iPad Mini displays should begin production in the coming months. At 325ppi, it would be the highest pixel density tablet in the market, where tablet pixel densities are currently only nearly hitting 300ppi.

According to Richard Shim, an analyst at DisplaySearch, mass production of Retina iPad Mini displays should go into production in June or July. LG Display has also been listed as one of the major manufactuers for the display, with other manufactuers coming on board after initial production. Interestingly, Samsung has been completely left out, probably a result of the recent spade of Apple vs Samsung conflicts worldwide.

The new Retina iPad Mini display will be a 2048×1536 (325ppi) 7.9-inch screen, just 1 ppi shy of the iPhone's 326ppi screen. That makes the display the highest density screen for a tablet to date, rivaling even Google's Nexus 10, which sports an already very high ppi of 299.

However, it won't be the top contender for long though – Shim notes that "[they're] (Apple) going to start to see a bunch of tablets (coming out) with a pixel density over 300." citing the Amazon Kindle Fire as an example.

Source: CNET via AppleInsider

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