It not unusual to see people conducting various stress tests on a new device, but shooting at it with an MP7 submachine gun is a whole new ballgame.


The usual stress tests play out scenarios that a user is likely to face in real life, for example dropping the device on the floor, on the pavement or spilling liquid over it. The average user doesn’t shoot at their device using a machine pistol, but a YouTube user by the name of Richard Ryan has done so, and it has yielded some fantastic footage.

[youtube id=”UlS3nEOz1nw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Ryan first puts the Retina iPad mini through a string of conventional stress tests, which includes dropping it on dirt, concrete and inflicting water damage. The device holds up through the tests, particularly the drop test, which the iPad Air failed miserably. He then takes out the H&K MP7A1, a lightweight personal defense weapon, firing small 4.6mm rounds at Apple’s latest tablet.

The video contains some excellent slow motion footage of the bullets ripping through the Retina iPad mini. It is certainly a treat to watch, and while it might not entice you to go all Zero Dark Thirty on your tablet, it lets you know that you can’t use a Retina iPad mini to stop a bullet.

Source: YouTube