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Retina iPad mini finally released

The much awaited Retina iPad mini has finally been released, Apple had previously said that the tablet will be released “later this November.”


There has been a lot of speculation about the release of the Retina iPad mini over the past few weeks. It was widely believed that Apple would release the tablet on November 21, however yesterday a post on Apple’s internal GSX site surfaced online which pegged the release on November 12. To top it all off, online Apple stores went down around the globe a few hours back. This fuelled speculation that Apple was finally releasing the Retina iPad mini. It has indeed, the online Apple stores are back up and customers can now purchase the tablet.

Retina iPad mini is offered in space gray and silver colors, the base 16GB Wi-Fi only model costs $399. As it stands, shipping time for the tablet is between 1-3 business days. Given the fact that supplies are expected to be very tight, shipping times are likely to slip to a few weeks in a couple of days. For cellular models, which start at $529, shipping times are between 5-10 business days.

Apple’s rather hushed launch of the Retina iPad mini is likely to take quite a few people by surprise, who’ll wake up to find that shipping times have slipped considerably. Perhaps this might be a move on Cupertino’s part to work within the limited Retina iPad mini supplies it is said to have. Analysts have consistently predicted that supplies will remain tight throughout 2013, and they’ll pick up in the first quarter of next year. What ever the case might be, you can now head over to the online Apple store and place an order for the tablet.

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