It has been rumored time and time again that Retina iPad mini supplies are tight, and it seems things haven’t improved since launch.


When Apple initially unveiled the new iPads back in October, it didn’t give a concrete release date for the Retina iPad mini. This lent fuel to speculation that the company wasn’t sure if there’s going to be enough supply to last this quarter. When it did launch the tablet over a week ago, it did so very quietly, where further fueled speculation about supply constraints. Even after launch retail stores didn’t immediately have the units in stock.

A new report claims that the Wi-Fi + cellular Retina iPad mini models are backordered on three of the four major U.S. carriers, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile to be precise. These carriers are now quoting shipping dates well into December, whereas the online Apple Store is now displaying improved shipping times for its own supply for cellular units. What this basically means that carriers have limited inventory to work with and it doesn’t look like things will improve for them in the near future.

The supply of Retina iPad mini in general is believed to improve early next year, when Apple adds more manufacturing partners and presumably starts taking Retina display panels from Samsung. Those looking for a Wi-Fi + cellular unit in the U.S. can try their luck with the online Apple Store, which lists shipping time between five to ten business days.

Source: CNET


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