The one place Declassified truly shines is in the multiplayer. It's got four modes familiar to CoD players: Team Death Match; Kill Confirmed, which is a death match where you need to collect dogtags; Free for All; and Drop Zone, where you hold a DZ for points and care packages. Team Tactical is also a mode that serves as a combination of them. The game ships with six maps to accompany these five modes. Declassified supports up to eight players at once, via wifi network or ad hoc with your friends locally. Unfortunately, you can't play via 3G – which isn't very surprising.

This is actually fun. How bout that!


The multiplayer portion of Declassified plays exactly like it's home console counterparts, and is tremendous fun. The same fast paced gameplay, including kill streaks, rewards, ranks and weapon unlocks are all there; anyone who has played CoD online before will feel right at home. This is most welcome, and I believe this is something the Vita has been missing – a truly great multiplayer experience.


Many of the flaws the game has seem to disappear when playing online. The controls are much more fluid when playing against human opponents, and indeed, the game in general improves tremendously all round. Since most of the design flaws in Declassified are singleplayer specific, such as the AI or map design, the multiplayer is void of most of the game's faults.