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Review: Crysis 3 (PC)


Gameplay, thankfully, is as good in Crysis 3 as it’s ever been. It’s not your standard shooter and really can’t be played as such; it’s a unique experience. Newcomers may be at odds with the game initially, but when you learn the ropes and become attuned with playing the game on its terms, it’s an amazingly good shooter that allows you to think tactically in ways that the majority of shooters just don’t.

In Crysis 3, everything comes down to the nano suit and its ability to adapt your combat to the current situation. Do you prefer the stealthy approach? Use silencers and the cloaking device. Prefer action? Go loud with a big gun, throw a car at somebody and activate the suit’s armor mode. Or perhaps Sniping is more your game? Or hacking an enemy turret? You’re liberated in terms of how you approach your combat and the game always presents you with multiple ways to deal with any problem, assuming you recognize those ways.


Go cloaked, leaving only the shimmering hint of your presence…


The first thing a new player is likely to notice is that compared to most shooters, you don’t have a lot of health in Crysis 3. Especially at the higher difficulties, it just takes a second for you to die if you make a mistake. Often, even if you survive, the enemy will flank you, grenade you or otherwise dispose of you before you manage to regenerate your health and escape the situation. This means you can’t approach the game like you would a Call of Duty game. If you go in guns blazing, you’ll be dead within seconds.


 But you’re not completely powerless, because you have your nano suit, and if used correctly, it will turn the tides of battle in your favor. Just like in Crysis 2, the suit has two main functions which can be activated directly – armor mode and cloak. Cloak makes you invisible, allowing you to sneak around undetected or approach silently and dispatch an enemy with a quick stab of your combat knife. Did I mention the game makes you feel like Predator? The armor mode makes you impervious to damage, allowing you to survive grenades, long falls or, obviously, bullets. Other suit functions such as super speed or power mode, which were manually controlled in Crysis 1, are activated automatically when you sprint or try to move a heavy object respectively. Power mode also allows you to do long (or high) jumps, climb ledges and throw stuff.


…or activate the armor to turn up the heat on your enemy


The downside to your suit’s abilities is that anything you do drains power. This means you can’t stay in armor mode indefinitely and your cloak will eventually disappear too. This adds a sense of urgency to what you do and forces you to adapt to what happens around you to ensure you’re not caught with your power down. With all your suit abilities off, the power will regenerate within a few seconds, but it leaves you completely exposed while doing so.


Crysis 3 has removed the tactics icons on the suit’s visor from the previous game (which presented you with different tactical options for engaging the enemy); the options are still there, and usually highlighted in some less direct way, but the removal of the icons gives the game a more natural feel now, and it’s easier to believe that you’re being clever, as opposed to realizing you’re just using one of the advantages the level design has given you.

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