Devil May Cry has been rebooted, and we’ve reviewed it! Is this new take on Dante a trip to gaming heaven, or should this hack and slash game just go to hell?

DmC: Devil May Cry has had a tumultuous launch. What else can be expected when you reboot one of Capcom’s biggest game franchises and turn it into something completely different? A new plot, new setting, rebooted characters and a completely different art style has made a lot of fans turn to hate this westernized version of DmC, but that doesn’t make it a bad game. With a lot of personal feelings coloring opinion of Devil May Cry, perhaps the only way to objectively tell if its worth your time is to have it reviewed by someone who has never stepped into Dante’s shoes until now – Yes I admit it; this game took my DmC cherry, but from my fresh perspective, I can tell you this: The hate is unwarranted, and it’s quite a good ride.