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Review: Far Cry 3 (PC)


From this point on, you are given the freedom to roam the island, though a string of missions will always push you along the path of the main story, should you choose to follow it. The story will take you between different locations on the island and introduce you to new and vibrant characters (many close to, but not quite as dazzling as Vaas), as you search for the rest of your party and systematically shut down the pirate activity on Rook Island.

Jason's development as a character is an important part of the story in Far Cry 3. He begins as a scared kid with next to no survival skills, but as you play, he'll grow in confidence and trade whimpering for one liners. You'll notice how far he's come once he cheers at an explosion while escaping from an ancient temple with his girlfriend. His girlfriend is rather shocked by the reaction, and it really hammers in how much Jason changes within the first few hours of gameplay. He never truly becomes a rough-cut warrior though – you'll always play as a regular guy. Skinning an animal will produce an "Eww" from Jason, and falling from a high place will make him scream.


"Eww" -Jason Brody


It's a rather unique approach to an action hero; one we don't see nearly as much as we should. Initially, I had thought this would make the character immediately more relatable, but unfortunately, you don't connect with Jason very much until after he's evolved into a wise-cracking badass. The reason for this is simply that the circuimstances he's in are foreign to most players – Even if Jason's initial reaction is more in tune with how you would behave if subjected to pirate imprisonment, you still can't quite put yourself in his shoes. Plus, he's honestly a little annoying to listen to when he's whining about every little uncomfortable thing he has to do. When he begins enjoying his journey however, you can quite easily relate because chances are you'll be having fun at the same time.


Seeing an action-packed tale unfold from the perspective of an unwilling participant feels fresh. Good voice acting and a convincing script also help make him one of the first playable characters in an FPS that I actually care about. Most characters in shooters are empty vessels or characters with a fairly one-track mind. Jason Brody is not – he's an actual character. That deserves praise.

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