Our review unit comes in a standard retail box, and best of all, its entirely plastic-wrapped which shows that its new and unopened.

The Galaxy S resembles the Apple iPhone, except that it has a larger and brighter display (4-inch compared to iPhone’s 3.7-inch) and is slightly slimmer. It feels slightly plasticky, but that’s probably the reason why it is lightweight. According to the specifications, it incorporates Super AMOLED which offers a bright screen and consumes less power.

The Galaxy S looks like the Apple iPhone, except that it has a larger display (4-inch compared to iPhone’s 3.5-inch) and is slightly slimmer. On the right we find a phone power/lock button.

The volume control are conveniently placed on the left of the Galaxy S.

At the top are the 3.5mm audio jack and micro USB connector (with cover).

Accessories include the phone battery, user manual, warranty card, power adapter, USB cable and earphones. MicroSD memory card isn’t included, but with built-in 16GB memory, you probably don’t even need to use the card.