Playbook 2.0

The PlayBook OS 2.0 was launched not too long ago, which enables BlackBerry PlayBook owners to download and install Android apps onto their tablet. But with unofficial Android apps made available for PlayBook, Research in Motion is planning to deter such piracy.

The PlayBook OS 2.0 was released in February and the new operating system allows BlackBerry PlayBook owners to download and install Android apps from the BlackBerry App World. Android developers would need to repackage their apps which would run in an emulator environment on the tablet. However, there are non-official Android apps which are available outside of the BlackBerry App World and can be sideloaded onto the tablet. This literally means that these apps which users need to purchase, will not earn any income for the developer, and Research in Motion plans to stop such piracy by removing the feature of apps sideloading through future software updates.

Source: Information Week