As the price of high speed DVD R burners has been droping these recent months, most people find it comfortable to own one. However , the availability of good high speed media is scarce.
VR-Zone team got a chance to bring you a first look of a new product line from Ritek , the X-Series DVD media

First Look

The Ritek DVD+R X-series 8x media

It is a pleasant surprise see that the Ritek
DVD+R 8X media is actually using RICOHJPN02 dye. This dye is premium grade and
is commonly known as Ricoh OEM.


The Ritek DVD-R X-series 8x media

DVDinfopro show us that the Ritek DVD-R
X-series 8x media uses Ritek’s own dye, RitekG05


The Ritek DVD+R Dual Layer X-series 2.4x media


This Dual layer DVD+R is called Ritek D01