Two robots have been created in Japan, one of a woman who can tell you how your breath smells and the other of a dog that tells you how your feet smell. Hilarity and weirdness ensues.

Have you ever had the lingering feeling in the back of your mind that there is a possibility that maybe your breath doesn't smell as good as you think it does, or at least as good as you had hoped? What about the way your feet smell? Don't you wish there was someone…or something…that could give you the answer to those questions without embarrassing yourself in any way? Well no worries, researchers in Japan are on the case.

What they've done here is create two robots, one being a brunette woman's head (named Kaori, which is Japanese for 'aroma') and the other being a dog (named Shuntaro). Kaori will let you breathe in her face while she mulls over the smell of your breath. In just a couple seconds you'll get results that range from "sweet and sour, smells good" to "we have an emergency". Yeah, I don't understand the first one either. The dog on the other hand notifies you of how your feet smell by either warming up to you and getting closer, or growling, and even fainting if necessary.

President of CrazyLobo, Kennosuke Tsutsumi, created these robots in conjunction with college students who we can only imagine had to partake in various activities in order to properly test these robots for accuracy. All right, so maybe it is a little embarrassing. Check out the source to see these robots in action.

Source: Asahi Via: The Verge, Engadget