Rockchip has unveiled a new 28nm RK3168 dual-core that is reportedly more energy efficient than its predecessor—the 40nm RK0366.

The Chinese chip maker, Rockchip, has a strong presence in the Asian markets, and the RK3066 has proven itself worthy in and outside of China as well.  Although we would like to see Rockchip burn a bit more cash and invest in ARM’s A15, it’s still nice to see that the company is doing what it can with the A9 to make it better.

In a video demo, Rockchip demonstrated that the 28nm RK3168 consumes just around 1W of power while playing a 1080p video on a tablet, which is purportedly a significant boost in efficiency over the 40nm RK3066.

Consistent advancement like these will help Rockchip develop more loyal followings outside of its targeted markets.  For bargain hunters, maybe one day eBay will be flooded with fantastic off-brands instead of useless paperweights.