Going fast in a jet plane or a car is old news, but hooking up a bicycle to a rocket and hoping there’s no speed bump to screw it all up is indeed very interesting.

A French man by the name of Francois Gissy did what many of us wish we could have done with our trikes when we were young.  Using a rocket built by the Swiss company Exotic Thermo Engineering, Gissy propelled himself on a bike down an empty track, reaching a top speed of 263 kilometers per hour (~163 MPH). 

His hydrogen peroxide-filled rocket on a bike toppled the previous record by about 20 kilometers per hour (~12 MPH), but as far as going fast on a bicycle goes the record still belongs to Fred Rompelberg.

In 1995, Rompelberg reached a top speed of 268.8 kilometers per hour (~167 MPH) while riding in slipstream behind a modified car.

Source: connexionfrance via cnet