Rockstar games, developers of the Grand Theft Auto series, wants suggestions for the multiplayer Crews system in upcoming GTA V. Anyone can contribute and they want all your suggestions.

GTA V is going to utilize the new Crews system which debuted with Max Payne 3. Crews are groups of Rockstar Social Club members who form persistent teams and compete together online. Rockstar doesn't believe, however, that the Crews system is a finished product; there's always room for improvement, and they want input from the players.

GTA V in action. Looks awesome.

Rockstar has stated that pretty much any suggestions you can come up with are welcome: "Whether it's suggestions for competitive in-game Crew features in Multiplayer, new ways to manage and recruit, ideas for enhancing Social Club Crew pages and leaderboards, things you did and didn't like about Crews in Max Payne 3, or any thoughts at all related to Crews really that you'd like to share – we're all ears. We'd especially love to hear from current Crew members and leaders so that we can continue making our unique approach to persistent team based Multiplayer as fun as it can be in GTAV."

If you want to contribute, Rockstar has an email address which they'll use to accept any suggestions. So go ahead and reach out at