The glossy finish on the plastic portion would probably be the first thing that catches your eye. The left/right click buttons are made of textured plastic, while the sides (buttons inclusive) are rubber coated for grip.

The Inferno boasts a total of 11 buttons, nine of which are programmable. The three buttons behind the scroll wheel are meant for DPI adjustment and profile switching (four profiles; one standard, three customizable).


The underside of the mouse sits the 4000 DPI twin laser sensors, and three large Teflon feet for smooth and quiet movement. 


The cable is sleeved to improve durability and the USB plug is gold plated as well.


It may not be the best looking mouse, but the Inferno is still a head-turner. Initially, judging from its packaging and mouse design, we would find the MSRP of US$59.99 a bit steep. But we certainly feel that the mouse software and mouse performance would make up for where the Inferno packaging and appearance is lacking in.