We all know Rooster Teeth for their gaming humour, but a more serious matter has taken precedence after one of their main contributors, Knuckles  Dawson (real name, David), has been reported missing for the past 24 hours. Another contributor, Sailor Tweek, is reporting that Dawson has an online presence but tweeted only a day earlier about “deleting his account.” An image was posted by Tweek of the missing man in a large journal post on her Rooster Teeth’s Community page. The Vancouver man has reportedly left his wallet, computer and phone behind and with no way of contacting him, friends and family became concerned and began searching for him. Recent developments lead to his bike being found in Vancouver’s Stanley Park and both Canadian and international friends have tried to contact him to no avail. Below is the image Tweek posted in her journal message.

For Vancouver residents, Tweek and the community have already started working on ways of helping to find David, including a Facebook page for people to help find and spread the word to anyone who might know where David may be, and a flyer, which has been placed on DropBox for everyone to access. David’s family, including his sister have already made statements about David and their hopes to find him soon. Her response from the updated journal post reads, “At this point there is no further news to share. In the same way that you have sent my family well wishes I want you to know that we are thinking of you all  it is so wonderful to know that David is so important to you.”


A meeting and search party is planned for today at Prospect Point in Stanley Park at 10 am to help find the missing man. Tweek and other members of the Rooster Teeth community have been working effortlessly with social media and Vancouver RPD to help find David.  This included a missing persons summary released yesterday reading:

“David is white, 6′ tall with an athletic build, short brown hair, blue eyes and was clean shaven when he was last seen,” the release reads. “He has a birthmark on the inside of his right bicep. He may be wearing black Chuck Taylor Converse shoes with the Batman logo on them.”

Anyone with information about Dreger’s whereabouts can contact the Vancouver Police Missing Persons Unit at (604) 717-2530


Please, if you know anyone in the Vancouver area or even in Canada, send along this story and the original Rooster Teeth post to help this man and his family.


Via Rooster Teeth