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Rosewill RK-9000 Mechanical Keyboard

All four RK-9000 versions are physically identical; only the key switches differ between models. The RK-9000 is exceptionally plain, much like a generic keyboard from the 80’s, except from the black chassis and keys. Another feature which reminded us of the 80’s is the keyboard’s weight, which is slightly more than 1.2kg. Only the red metallic plate beneath the keys subtly enhances the aesthetics of the keyboards. A simple design however should not be mistaken for a bad design; we feel that the cleanness of the RK-9000 is going to be loved by many.

The rear of the RK-9000 keyboards is entirely plain, with only a small sticker with the product’s model and serial number printed on it found at the center of the keyboard.

Rosewill placed four large anti-skid pads at the edges of the keyboard. The skids are of excellent quality and, considering the weight of the RK-9000, it is improbable that the keyboard will ever slide on a wooden or glass desktop. The company also installed two plastic legs which add some tilt to the keyboard, making it a more comfortable to use depending on the circumstances. Unfortunately the tilt is not adjustable.

The micro USB connector for the keyboard’s PS2 or USB wire can be found at the rear of the keyboard. It is up to the user to choose whether he or she prefers to use a PS2 or an USB connection; however, there is no reason not to go with the PS2 cable if the system has a free PS2 port.

At the top right side of the keyboard, Rosewill etched their company logo right above the three common keyboard LEDs. There is not a single multimedia or shortcut key to be found around the RK-9000 keyboards, which may be disappointing for many users who are used to more modern designs.

All three of the key lock indicator LEDs are blue. The LEDs are relatively dim which is very comfortable for the user, especially in dark environments.

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