Rovio has announced that it has finally rolled out Rovio Account for iOS for worldwide markets, allowing users to save their game progress and pick it up on another device.


Rovio develops quite a number of titles for a variety of platforms. Its most popular creation has to be the Angry Birds franchise, which launched on iOS initially, but took the world and almost every platform out there by storm soon after that. Angry Birds titles are some of the most downloaded games on different platforms, all around the world.

Up till now users could not sync their progress between different devices. For example if they played Angry Birds on an iPhone and an iPad, each device would have its own specific game save. Users could not pause and save at a certain level on the iPhone and pick it up later in the day on the iPad. That’s now possible through Rovio Account. Rovio has been rolling it out over the past few months, they’ve announced today that the global roll out for iOS is now totally complete.

Rovio Account is currently only available on the original Angry Birds game and The Croods. Rovio says that the next step for them is to roll this feature out for non Angry Birds titles, and assures us that they will be doing it soon.