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Rovio Entertainment buys over Futuremark Games Studio


Futuremark is known for developing computer benchmark applications for home users and businesses such as PCMark7, 3DMark11 and PowerMark. And it seems that the company has been acquired by Angry Birds creator, Rovio Entertainment.

From Rovio's website, the company has acquired Futuremark Games Studio, though there was no mention how much it paid for the benchmark software developer. This is also the second acquisition by Rovio, the first being Kombo Animation Studio in June last year. Coincidentally, the announcement came just after the launch of the new Angry Birds Space, which is released on iOS, Android, Mac and PC (including books, merchandising and animation).

VR-Zone was one of the media who has received a farewell note from Futuremark CEO, Jukka Mäkinen, who mentioned that the company will renew their focus on creating great benchmarks and performance measurement software for gamers, home users, small businesses and the IT industry. "This year will see a new version of 3DMark that, for the first time, will allow a direct comparison of gaming performance across operating systems and form factors, as well as a new version of PCMark for Windows 8."

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