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Rumor: Google Nexus line to get Lenovo-made addition this year

Less than 24 hours after Google made Motorola’s unloading to Lenovo official, the first rumors of how exactly the Chinese intend to use the new assets and connections to their advantage have surfaced, pointing to an imminent Lenovo-built Nexus.


Hold on to your hats, boys and girls with an infatuation for technology, as the mobile décor may be in for some drastic changes. No, Tizen won’t likely disrupt the Android-iOS duopoly, but when it comes to the Samsung-Apple domination, we might finally have the name of a worthy adversary.

It’s Lenovo, I mean Motorola, I mean Lenovorola. It’s Lenovo + Motorola, as we’re a little unclear whether the Chinese OEM intends to ditch the established but struggling Moto brand, or keep it around for transitional purposes.

Either way, look out, Sammy, look out, Cupertino, as these ambitious, aggressive, wealthy guys are coming after you. How? Well, the first step would be a Google-Lenovo co-branded Nexus device. Maybe the family’s swan song and therefore its sure-fire biggest hit ever.

The word comes from somewhat controversial Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin, whose track record wasn’t exactly stellar until not long ago. Then again, with the recent Google-Samsung and Google-Lenovo deals, his prediction for the end of Nexus as we know it is actually starting to sound plausible.


And if Murtazin is right about that, why wouldn’t he also be in regards to the last members of the “pure Google” line? Too bad he’s not ready to share any specifics, like should we expect a Lenovo Nexus 6, 8 or 10, or when might a formal announcement happen.

Oh, yeah, and will this thing strut around with a Lenovo logo on its chassis, or Moto’s emblem? Well, since it’s believed to land in 2014, and the Google-Lenovo-Moto deal may face regulatory hurdles until next year, odds are it’s the former. Or so does common sense dictate, as technically Big G shall still be in control of Motorola for a while.

So no details and no specifics yet on Lenovo’s Nexus, just a promise that “volume will be huge” and “it will be focused on the US market”. Damn straight, the least Google could do to honor the Nexus memory would be to go out with a bang.

Source: Twitter

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