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Rumor: Microsoft cooking up sensor-rich smartwatch with iPhone and Android support

Looking up at the bottom line and leaving ego aside, Microsoft is said to be working on a potentially disruptive smartwatch capable of synching to Windows Phones as well as iPhones and Android-running handhelds.


Watch out, Samsung (no pun intended), and hurry up, Apple, because the race for the world’s first truly successful, truly crowd-pleasing wearable device just got a new, power-hungry competitor.

So far, the list of inconveniences has overwhelmed the upsides of most smartwatches around, leaving all the Gears, experimental Sony gizmos and Qualcomm Toqs to clash over a tiny market. The potential is huge though, and in addition to Samsung and Apple, Motorola and LG are themselves looking to capitalize.

Plus, Microsoft, according to Forbes. Hurting, struggling, barely surviving Microsoft (as far as hardware manufacturing goes), which might however have the soundest business plan of all. A cross-platform smartwatch to unite WP, iOS and Android under the same shelter.

Basically, MS seems to understand it’s fighting a losing battle in the smartphone décor, so instead of beating a dead horse, Satya Nadella & co. will make a pact with the devil. Clearly, future Android Wear efforts, Samsung Gear line entries or iWatches won’t be as open to the enemy, so Redmond is in a solid position to seize the biggest piece of the no doubt growing pie.


Especially as multi-OS support isn’t the “Surface Watch’s” only strength. Apparently, the battery will last two full days on a single charge, which is pretty amazing since a heart rate monitor could be on at all times. Day and night, the sensor shall oversee your health, alongside multiple other neat features that remain under wraps.

Design is another area Microsoft is trying to envision as outside the box, with the full-color touch screen reportedly positioned on the inside of the user’s wrist for extra privacy. Sounds… wacky and original, now let’s see how handy it can be.

When? As early as this summer, if Forbes’ sources are correct. And trust me, they are. Again, hurry up, Apple, look out, Samsung, Microsoft is coming after you.

Source: Forbes

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