Microsoft Windows

When one talks about Windows on the PC, everyone knows it as the operating system from software giant Microsoft. Windows have been around for more than 25 years, and yet it seems that Microsoft is rumored to be giving up on the Windows brand.

Windows, in the technology world, is synonymous as Microsoft's popular operating system with the latest versions being Windows 7 for the personal computers, home and business, and also Windows Phone 7 for the smartphones. The operating system has been around for over 25 years and the brand is like a household name to the technology geeks. However, there were rumors citing that the company is intending to give up on the Windows brand.

According to, Andy Lees, chief of Windows Phone division in Microsoft, said that the company plans to build a single system for computers, smartphones, tablets and TVs and that the new system is likely to be a common operating system that will work on all the devices. There were also other sources that cited Microsoft giving up the Windows brand for the new platform instead and that may come sooner than expected. If the rumors are true, this may mean that Windows 8 will not materialize, or perhaps it would come as a different name. And of course, no more Windows Phone 7 too.

Source: News in a box