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Rumor: Samsung holding Unpacked event in Berlin on September 4 to intro Galaxy Note 3

With such beasts as the Galaxy S4 and HTC One out and about for not very long and Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra freshly unveiled, it could come as a surprise to some that our number one subject of debate of late is… the unreleased Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


But hey, we all know the GNote 3 will be big (literally and figuratively), so it’s not like we’re giving all our attention to a dud. The thing is, if we are to be honest, we still don’t know that much about this stud.

Do we know the display size? Well, we’ve narrowed it down to a few possibilities, but no. The resolution, processing speed, camera sensor, battery size and so on and so forth? Again, we have some guesses and speculations, but nothing 100% certain.

What about a release date? That’s actually a completely different kettle of fish. True, predicting the exact day the Galaxy Note 3 will be up on store shelves seems like a task for someone like Nostradamus. As far as the unveiling date goes though, the cloak of mystery is pretty thin.

From a historical standpoint, there’s but one month in a year Samsung takes the wraps off Galaxy Note family members – September. September 2011 brought us the first-gen GNote, while its successor was introduced to the world a year after almost on the clock.

It hence makes sense to expect the Note 3 to pop up this September, but when exactly in September? Ask and you shall be answered – the 4th. How sure are we of that date? Pretty sure. For one thing, the folks over at Android.gs claim to have heard from “a person close to the matter”, who confirmed it.

Even more important, September 4 is just two days ahead of the IFA Berlin 2013 official debut and, again from a historical standpoint, Sammy likes to hold Unpacked events close to that trade show so as to get double the attention. Pretty smart, if you ask me. Now will the Note 3 be worthy of all that attention? Only time will tell.

Via [Android.gs]

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