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Rumor: Samsung working on lower-cost Galaxy Note 3 variant for ’emerging markets’

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors are a dime a dozen with just five days left until the phone will become official, but here’s one report that’s both unexpected and somewhat startling. Not to mention sort of exclusive, since this is the first time we’re hearing of such a scenario.


Ready? Here goes. According to ETNews, a South Korean publication that’s been right on the money more than once with Samsung-related rumors in the past, there will be a GNote 3 especially designed for “emerging markets”.

Said variant will cut a few corners compared with the regular, “international” Note 3 version, in order to be able to hit a lower pricing spot. There’s no word on exactly what price tag is Samsung reaching for with this low-cost Galaxy Note 3, but chances are it won’t be much cheaper than its “brother”, since the only downgrades rumored as of now are the replacing of a Super AMOLED screen with an LCD unit and the featuring of an 8 MP rear-facing camera instead of a 13 MP.

So why do it in the first place? I have two theories. Either there will be more sacrifices made and more specs downgraded, like maybe the using of a Snapdragon 600 CPU in lieu of an S800, or this will be a Galaxy Note 3 Active after all and pack water and dust protection.


You know, like the GS4 Active comes with a reinforced exterior, but, coincidence or not, the exact same sacrifices made in the specs department – an LCD panel, not an AMOLED, plus an 8 MP primary snapper, not a 13 MP.

There is of course one other theory, which is why I called this rumor startling in the first place. It could be that Samsung feels the basic Note 3 will be too pricey for certain markets, which will instead only receive the toned down model. Impossibru, right? Well, we’ll see.

Source: ET News

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