According to recent reports, Sony plans to reveal its answer to the Oculus Rift VR headset at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference.


As virtual reality continues to edge towards the present, various industry leaders are poised to try their hand at the revolutionary new gaming platform. Oculus VR has taken the lead as pioneers of the new technology with their innovative Oculus Rift headset, but other companies like Sony aim to contend with the Rift on its own playing field.

Sony’s own VR headset has generated quite a bit of buzz in the gaming sector, mainly because we’ve yet to see any official debut: the device has that mystical air that surrounds any soon-to-be-unveiled piece of gaming technology, but even more-so as it apparently is a direct competitor–in terms of quality and performance–with the Oculus Rift.

It seems that Sony has put forth plans to finally reveal its VR contender during its “Driving the Future of Innovation” presentation at GDC 2014 (Tuesday, March 18).

This is of course barring delays or unforeseen circumstances, as the device was originally slated to debut at last year’s Tokyo Game Show but was pushed back at the last minute.

Sony’s presentation will be hosted by Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov, who head up R&D for SCEA and have influenced the development of such innovative console peripherals as the PS Eye and the interactive PS Move.

Sony's HMZ Personal Viewer is an example model of what the gaming giant may be working on next, and does not represent the VR headset mentioned in this article.

Sony’s HMZ Personal Viewer is an example model of what the gaming giant may be working on next, and does not represent the VR headset mentioned in this article.

The news comes straight from developers who have been testing a prototype version of the headset, and interestingly enough these same devs claim that the VR device is “far superior” to Oculus VR’s early Rift headset. A bit ago one anonymous insider hinted that Evolution Studios is working on implementing VR support for their upcoming racing game Drive Club, which fits right in line with these new reports.

Regardless of the improved performance of Sony’s VR headset, the technology itself is still in its early stages and will have to navigate consistent roadblocks before an official release can take place. The most common setbacks with VR is the disorientation that occurs with consistent play as well as the iffy cost factor of the tech itself.

It’ll be interesting to see how Sony handles the reveal and what information comes to light on stage; however we’ll most likely only be treated to a bona-fide reveal without any real concrete details. Sony will probably officially declare the existence of the headset, but it’s a bit early for specs, pricing or even a tentative release window.

The Japanese gaming giant already has a considerable gaming network set in place, and the PlayStation 4’s power will certainly be tapped to serve as the major platform for the headset itself. Furthermore we may see some sort of PS Now integration or perhaps VR versions of classic titles–but that’s thinking far ahead into the future.

Seeing as Sony is jumping in the VR game, it will only be a matter of time before Microsoft jumps on the bandwagon, officially kicking off the VR war for true and all.

Via Edge Online