Huawei is at it again with another Android handset, and this time around it might actually reclaim the title of having made the world’s thinnest smartphone.

Past rumors had the Ascend P1 S as the next device in line to receive the title of world’s slimmest, but that didn’t happen.  So this latest leak via @evleaks might just be what many slim-seekers want. From the images, it seems like Huawei is tackling what Apple didn’t deliver with its current iPhone 5.

The Huawei P6, its supposed designation, is a 6.2mm thin device featuring a 4.7-inch 720p (or perhaps 1080p) display, but not much else is known about the phone at the moment.  Although, Huawei is expected to officially announce and perhaps show off the P6 at a London event on June 18th.