The release of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 550 Ti prompted several rumours regarding AMD's response. DonanimHaber is now reporting that AMD is all prepared to release a direct competitor – Radeon HD 6790 – later this week, on March 31st.

The Radeon HD 6790 will be taking on the GeForce GTX 550 Ti, potentially replacing the now ancient HD 5770. Considering the GTX 550 Ti only barely edged out the HD 5770 on average, a tweaked and overclocked Juniper chip was much rumoured. However, the Radeon HD 6790 is said to be a Barts card, a heavily crippled and underclocked version of the HD 6850. If that is so, perhaps a HD 6830 nomenclature will be more accurate? 

Very little else is known about the HD 6790, except the price – $130. With performance almost certainly well ahead of the GTX 550 Ti, and such an aggressive pricing, the HD 6790 may turn out to be an excellent value. If this is true, NVIDIA will be forced to sharply cut GTX 550 Ti prices in order to compete. 

Source: DonanimHaber