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Rumour: HTC working on Android-powered smartphone for the ladies?

With almost every single smartphone out on the market today being designed in such a way that would appeal more to the ladies than the tough, macho-looking guys, talking about a smartphone catered exclusively for the fairer sex may be one of odder developments to take place in the smartphone market And yet, here we are today with news about a supposed ladies-centric smartphone, made by none other than HTC, and powered by Google's Android operating system. Wonderful; so when will the guys be able to get their hands on a real men's smartphone?

With almost every single smartphone on the market today sporting various design elements that are clearly intended to score points with the female crowd, some might be under the impression that the smartphone market is starting to experience a shift in target audience.  After all, most ladies' immediate priority when choosing a smartphone often has something to do with looking refined and sophisticated in front of their colleagues and peers. At least, that is until they start fiddling with their smartphones to find out how to perform the most basic of functions, since the instructional manual is always unceremoniously tossed out within the first six hours of the purchase.

Still, it would seem odd that any OEM will attempt to put its revenues on the line by designing a smartphone that is meant to be used only the ladies, if only because the smartphone market is still fairly gender neutral at this point. However, HTC looks set to tip that status quo soon: rumour has it that the Taiwanese smartphone OEM is designing a special smartphone for Verizon that is almost designed entirely around a lady's needs and desires. And the name of this smartphone? The HTC Bliss.

According to a report published by a website known as This Is My Next…?HTC has been holding focus groups with women between the ages of 20 and 30 in order to find out more about what makes a smartphone tick for the ladies. As a result, it should be of no surprise that the HTC Bliss features various design elements that are designed solely for their comfort, among many other things. This Is My Next…? claims that the Bliss's design could essentially be described as the result "if the Desire S and the Desire Z were to mate"; with the Bliss being about half a centimeter thinner than the Desire Z, but without the dedicated keyboard. In addition, the back of the Bliss's body will have a rubber pad built into it to allow for easy gripping.

On the software side, This Is My Next… ?is claiming that the Bliss will come preloaded with various software vital for a ladies physical and mental well-being. And by that, we mean that the Bliss will be preloaded with apps that reportedly compare shopping prices among different malls, along with the all-important calorie counter. Which is perfectly fine: we all know that the fine ladies are devout supporters of retail therapy and fine figures. Furthermore, HTC is reportedly bundling in a different set of 'calming' wallpapers into the Bliss, whatever that means.

Lastly, word has it that the HTC Bliss will also have its own set of ladies-centric accessories up for grabs. First up the list is apparently an intelligent wireless charging dock with built-in speakers that automatically switches the Bliss into alarm mode when docked, with the second accessory being a "square-shaped" in-car speaker system that supports voice recognition. However, the last accessory is by far the most interesting one, and it comes in the form of a cube-shaped strap-on accessory that automatically glows when calls or messages are received by the Bliss. In many ways, this little 'companion cube' resembles some of the 'radiowave stickers' that start flashing in a variety of colours when it detects the presence of radio waves transmitted by cell phones.

As we have mentioned before, news about the HTC Bliss's existance is still a rumour at this point of time, and it is very possible that this information about the Bliss could end up as nothing more than an elaborate hoax. But until the official confirmation (or denial) comes, one cannot help but wonder if the HTC Bliss will spawn with it a new wave of smartphones specially tailored for the sophisticated uptown lady. As for us…well…we will hang on to the hope that macho-looking smartphones for the guys will start appearing on the market soon.

Source: This Is My Next…

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